Editorial Team

Editor In-Chief
Institute of International Studies
University of Chile
MA. Ignacio Sánchez G. 
Institute of International Studies
University of Chile

Editorial Board

Dr. Valentina Delich, International Relations Department, FLACSO Argentina.

Dr. Manfred Elsig, World Trade Institute, University of Bern, Switzerland.

Dr. Neil Foster-McGregor, UNU-MERIT - Maastricht University, The Netherlands.

Dr. Michael Hahn, Institute for European and International Economic Law, University of Bern, Switzerland.

Dr. André Jordaan, Department of Economics, University of Pretoria, South Africa.

Dr. Alexandra Koval, World Economy Department, Saint Petersburg State University, Russian Federation.

Dr. Nanno Mulder, International Trade and Integration Division, Economic Commission for Latin American and the Caribbean (ECLAC).

Dr. Marcelo Olarreaga, School of Economics and Management, University of Geneva, Switzerland.

Dr. Mustapha Sadni, Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation, World Trade Organization (WTO).

MA. Alberto Van Klaveren, Institute of International Studies, University of Chile.

Dr. Vera Thorstensen, School of Economics, Getulio Vargas Foundation, Brazil.

Dr. Bradly Condon, Law Department, ITAM México.

Dr. Won-Ho Kim, School of International and Area Studies, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea.

Dr. Song Guoyou, Center for American Studies, Fudan University, China.

Dr. Kun Zhang, Department of History and the Center for Latin American Studies, Shanghai University, China.

Dr. Vlasta Macku, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

Dr. Tabitha Kiriki, University of Nairobi, Kenya.

Dr. Sherry Stephenson, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Dr. Paulina Astroza, Universidad de Concepción, Chile.

MA. Anabel González, Peterson Institute for International Economics, United States of America.

Dr. Andrea Lucas, Heildeberg Center for Latin America, Chile.