Call for Papers: Thematic Issue WCP

Cooperation as a Foreign Policy Instrument


  • Rodrigo Contreras International Consultant


Cooperation is undoubtedly a great tool to deploy Chilean foreign policy, since it creates long-term ties with the beneficiary countries. This generates small-scale retributions in bilateral relations and in specific technical areas, as well at the multilateral level. Chile's cooperation flows have undergone important changes since the creation of the International Cooperation Agency in the 90s, to the present, since Chile has gone from being a net recipient, to being a participant in international cooperation through the South-South modality or horizontal. In spite of this, it is not possible to clearly establish the benefits that cooperation generates for the country because there is no clear evaluation methodology. Finally, Chilean cooperation does not have a priority budget, and its programs are affected by short-term issues in the absence of a more leading role in the formulation of Chilean foreign policy.


Chile, South-South Cooperation, AGCID, Foreign policy

Author Biography

Rodrigo Contreras, International Consultant

Master’s Degree in Economics & Business Administration, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain.


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