Global Activity in the field of Safeguard Measures in 2022. Stocktaking in the light of notifications made to the WTO Committee on Safeguard


  • Fernando Piérola-Castro Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú


Overview of global activity regarding the conduct of safeguard investigations and the imposition or extension of safeguard measures during the year 2022, in light of notifications made by WTO members in that year.


Safeguards in 2022, Notifications, New safeguard measures, Extension of safeguard measures, Termination of safeguard measures


OMC, G/L/1431

OMC, G/SG/N/10/EU/1

OMC, G/SG/N/10/GBR/1/

OMC, G/SG/N/10/IDN/17/

OMC, G/SG/N/10/IDN/22/

OMC, G/SG/N/10/IDN/23/

OMC, G/SG/N/10/IDN/24/

OMC, G/SG/N/10/IDN/25/

OMC, G/SG/N/10/MAR/6/

OMC, G/SG/N/10/MDG/7/

OMC, G/SG/N/10/PHL/10/

OMC, G/SG/N/10/PHL/9/

OMC, G/SG/N/10/TUR/20

OMC, G/SG/N/10/TUR/21

OMC, G/SG/N/10/USA/7/

OMC, G/SG/N/10/VNM/5/

OMC, G/SG/N/11/EU/1/

OMC, G/SG/N/11/GBR/1/

OMC, G/SG/N/11/IDN/17/

OMC, G/SG/N/11/IND/19

OMC, G/SG/N/11/MAR/6/

OMC, G/SG/N/11/MDG/5/

OMC, G/SG/N/11/PHL/15/

OMC, G/SG/N/11/TUR/27.

OMC, G/SG/N/11/TUR/28

OMC, G/SG/N/12/IND/3/

OMC, G/SG/N/14/IDN/3

OMC, G/SG/N/14/IDN/4

OMC, G/SG/N/14/IDN/5

OMC, G/SG/N/14/MAR/1/

OMC, G/SG/N/14/MAR/2/

OMC, G/SG/N/14/MAR/3

OMC, G/SG/N/6/EU/1/

OMC, G/SG/N/6/IDN/25/

OMC, G/SG/N/6/IDN/28/

OMC, G/SG/N/6/IDN/30/

OMC, G/SG/N/6/IDN/31/

OMC, G/SG/N/6/IDN/32/

OMC, G/SG/N/6/IDN/33/

OMC, G/SG/N/6/IND/48/

OMC, G/SG/N/6/MAR/10/

OMC, G/SG/N/6/MAR/14/

OMC, G/SG/N/6/MAR/7/

OMC, G/SG/N/6/MAR/8/

OMC, G/SG/N/6/MDG/8.

OMC, G/SG/N/6/TUN/7.

OMC, G/SG/N/6/TUR/20/

OMC, G/SG/N/6/TUR/25/

OMC, G/SG/N/6/UKR/12/

OMC, G/SG/N/6/USA/11/

OMC, G/SG/N/6/VNM/5/

OMC, G/SG/N/6/VNM/6/

OMC, G/SG/N/8/GBR/1/

OMC, G/SG/N/8/IDN/17/

OMC, G/SG/N/8/IDN/22/

OMC, G/SG/N/8/IDN/23/

OMC, G/SG/N/8/IDN/24/

OMC, G/SG/N/8/IDN/25/

OMC, G/SG/N/8/IND/33

OMC, G/SG/N/8/PHL/14/

OMC, G/SG/N/8/TUR/20


OMC, G/SG/N/9/UKR/10.

OMC, G/SG/N/9/UKR/11.

OMC, G/SG/N/9/UKR/12.

OMC, G/SG/N/9/UKR/13.